Collectors and supporters goody store, help Team Speedace to make history

Cannonball EV official event rules





We are producing a range of official products in support of the Cannonball Jogle event.


Our collectables are made of the finest materials to give you lasting pleasure as the owner of limited edition souvenirs in celebration of one of the vehicles and events that could change motoring history.


These collectables are as used and worn by the team members.




T SHIRTS - Coming soon for the Summer of 2015, an improved range of clothing will include a range of T shirts in different colours (light blue shown), and an embroidered fleece with the new Cannonball Jogle supporters logo. The shirt modeled above features the blue bird and bluebird trademarks, used under licence from BMS Ltd and BM Ltd. This was a limited edition run produced for marketing and other events.



Sports cap with Blue Bird embroidery, electric vehicle Cannonball Jogle souvenir


SPORTS CAP - Coming soon for the Summer of 2015, an improved range of clothing will include an embroidered sports cap with the new Cannonball Jogle supporters logo. The cap shown above features our blue bird trademark, as worn by our electric vehicle technicians in the workshops and at events.





MUGS - Coming soon for the Summer of 2015, an improved range of mugs will feature the new Cannoball Jogle supporters logo. The mug shown above was a limited edition to celebrate development milestones, and features the blue bird trademark.




Bluebird electric vehicle recharging system as a range extender


This is the Ecostar DC50, a city car with a 20Kw/hr lithium ion battery cartridge and a built in rapid exchange system. With around 1.8 meters of solar cells, this car can recharge itself every week in favorable weather conditions. The car uses Austin production running gear and may one day become a production kit car - or at least be available built for you. The DC50 also features gull wing doors. This will be the first road car (ever) to bear the blue bird legend.


The Bluebird World Cup Trophy



September 9 2014 tesla roadster lands end to john o groats rally cornwall

Daily Mirror news motorist-drives-from-john-ogroats-to-lands end

Lands end john ogroats walking_tips lejog_or_jogle

Zero carbon world landmark trip attracts national media lands-end

Lands end landmark

Lands end

UK end to end


VAUXHALL AMPERA endurance ev attempt 2010_ampera_e-revs








A taste for adventure capitalists



How it all started: Compare the bare frame above to the drawing at the head of this page. It's about time we had an EV compatible with battery or hydrogen fuel cell technology. The Ecostar DC50 by Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd may well be the vehicle that changes all that for 2015.







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