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A Chicken and Egg Situation that needs some sorting



CLIMATE CHANGE - The United Nations' climate talks (known as COP OUT = Conference Of the Parties) took place in December 2019. During these global discussions action for climate policy is negotiated. The 25th COP-OUT took place in Madrid, Spain after Chile had to hand the torch over as a result of riots caused by transport cost rises. The main players continued to indulge in Red Flag politics, to buy themselves more time to plunder planet earth. In 1865 the British Government was bribed by the railways and stagecoach companies to pass the Locomotive Act, designed to prevent the development of horseless carriages, to enable the existing businesses to continue with their transport monopolies. The same level of political corruption applies today!


Before the 24th climate summit in Katowice, Poland, 50 high profile companies published an open letter to the UN calling for more action to curb climate change. It made no difference. The same applied to COP 26. So far with over twenty-five years of haggling the arctic ice is melting faster than ever. COP 27 looks set to be another FLOP. No wonder so many high profile people and corporations are worried. In the UK we we are still granting planning consents for houses without solar panels or electric vehicle charging points. What are our politicians like? It's criminal. But who elected them. Yes, you did. And that brings us to Brexit and the UK - by way of example to the rest of the world, how to fail in sustainability terms. With the natural world crumbling from our carelessness, do we really need so much in-house fighting. United we stand, divided we fall. The automotive, marine and aviation (transport) industries are some of the most important to zero emission, to help the world get back on track to honest economics. These industries owe the planet a duty of care, where they occupy a special place, that politicians cannot control, other than with statute. But one would hope, will do the right thing without being entirely profit driven.







AUTOX - This is one of the growing fleet of AutoX robotaxis currently operating in China. Along with Waymo in the US, the advent of robotic cars is creating quite a stir in media articles as you can see from the coverage featured on this website, and how delightful it will be when buses and our personal vehicles, automatically take us to our destinations, free of speeding tickets - and safer - also with less harm to the environment as tire wear will be reduced.





It is not just about cleaning up the air we breathe. Economies all over the world have become entrenched in fossil fuel corruption, leading to energy blackmail, inequalities and even war between Russia and Ukraine. Now threatening nuclear extinction, as the bullies find stealing another country, is harder than it seemed. This need not be the case. Renewables offer cheaper zero emission electricity (green hydrogen, ammonia or methanol) over coal, gas and oil, from which to build a sustainable economy based on energy transparency and trust.




We'd suggest that, alongside cleaning up our energy/transport act, we also clean up trading based on bogus currencies and legalized thieving. Administrations might want to consider going back to a 'Standard' based on something tangible. This could be energy, or food produce. But should not remain as fictitious paper, unsupported by anything other than undeliverable promises. Why not a return to gold and silver coins. With bank vaults for savers. Or, security tagged safes for home use. A return to honest bartering based on coins made of precious metals. At the moment, savings in £pounds sterling are being devalued at 10% per year. Can you afford to see your life savings flushed down the toilet by incompetent politicians?


Moving to other forms of savings, takes away the power of politicians to bolster their fake economy, by raiding your piggy bank. They want a digital transformation, for exactly the opposite reasons, to ride you back all the way to the finishing line, and an NHS geared to accelerating the demise of elderly patients. For yet more taxes.


It used to be gold. It was called "The Gold Standard," in the days before banks took over the running of countries and decided to multiply money over and above anything of real value - so that they could lend more than they had. And not work at all. Just count fictitious currency and manipulate markets. While honest workers toil, to build houses, plumb and wire them. And build trucks and cars. The bean counters are non-productive workers. Modern slavers.




Why would anyone want to sell wealth they don't actually possess? So they could make more money - and make money a commodity, instead of a method of honestly trading goods.


The dishonest use of promissory notes is inflationary. Selling what they did and do not have. Pretending to have wealth, to support lending. Leading to robbing of those with life savings to protect. Simply because inflation devalues existing savings. We ask if that should remain legal? We think not. But perhaps voters should think on that. One voice questioning the monetary firmament makes no difference at elections. The collective human brain is all important. But that depends on voters being informed, instead of lied to during campaigns, when candidates are running for office. At present, it is legal to lie to the electorate in Britain. Boris (the) Johnson proved that. He was called out at a London Magistrates court, when the Court (effectively) said it was okay for politicians to deceive voters. No wonder we have a Cost of Living Crisis. Boris lied about Brexit, with his Big Red Bus slogans. You may think British courts have not served the electorate. And now the UK is trying to prevent protests. Of course, with policies so shady, the most powerful parties, will seek to disarm protestors and whistleblowers. Depriving them of the basic human right, to peacefully impart information, and be heard, by locking them up. Henry VII did it, making his word law. Chopping off the head of anyone that disagreed with him. Hence, 4.5 beheadings for every day of his reign. Another dictator using the same tactics, was that nice Adolf Hitler.




Henry VIII's reign 1491-1547 was a near disaster financially. He augmented the royal treasury by seizing church lands, but his heavy spending and long periods of mismanagement damaged the economy. This is a pattern adopted by modern Labour and Conservative politicians in the 20th and 21st centuries, leading to climate change and staggering national debts of £2.4 Trillion pounds - to buy the electorate - and votes. As a result, the United Kingdom is paying well over the odds to live. Policies saddling every citizen with staggering debts, that the country cannot afford to repay. As we say financial slavery.


Quarter Debt £billions as % GDP

2020 Q2 = £2,069.3 - 94.5%
2020 Q3 = £2139.0 - 98.8%
2020 Q4 = £2,204.8 - 102.5%
2021 Q1 = £2,223.0 - 103.8%
2021 Q2 = £2,296.4 - 103.0%
2021 Q3 = £2,332.9 - 102.7%
2021 Q4 = £2,382.8 - 102.8%
2022 Q1 = £2,365.4 - 99.6%

Source: Office for National Statistics - UK government (conservative) debt and deficit



UK general government gross debt was £2,365.4 billion at the end of Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2022, equivalent to 99.6% of gross domestic product (GDP). Leaving almost no reserves, taking the country to the brink in any language. Where growth is contrary to sustainable or circular economics. Simply because earth is being drained at the rate of 2.4 planets, of the ability of the world to produce. Meaning that, to start to get things under control, borrowing needs to reduce to £985 billion pounds at present GDP (in the UK example). A truly sustainable economy would not need any borrowings, but have reserves rather than debt, as in nature. Meaning that around 20-30 years of UK politicians appear to have been irresponsible.


Today's politicians have sold their subjects into financial slavery, to support their promises of growth and overspending.





PAC Car II, ETH Zurich. 14,573 miles per gallon economy record in 2005.



Though not a practical road car, the record set by the PAC Car II, ETH Zurich on the 26th of June 2005 remains an astounding achievement in the EV and hydrogen record books, that helps production engineers, look to a theoretical baseline, of what might be achieved if there are no limits: 14,573 mpg imperial. The event was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, an organization that ensures record attempts are properly measured, timed, and otherwise validated for accuracy, before inclusion.

If this vehicle had been registered for the road in Switzerland, it would have taken the JVH2 in the vehicles, 'custom' category. But of course the JVH2 did not exist at that time. This record was broken in 2018, by Duke University Electric, at Benson, North Carolina, USA: 15,200 mpg imperial. Yes, that is fifteen thousand miles to a gallon of petrol. The secret is hydrogen, fuel cells and an electric drivetrain.






Not having a solid Standard, has led us to borrowing well over the sums a country can afford. This is economic madness, based on years of overspending to bolster promises that could never be realistically delivered. Hence, Liz Truss(ed up like a turkey) departing Downing Street after only 44 days as Prime Minister, cluck, clucking from one headless-chicken policy 'U' turn to another. But not laying any golden eggs.


It remains to be seen if Rishi Sunack can grab the bull by the horns. But, it is not just the UK living on borrowed time. It is just about every Government on the planet. All, borrowing to the hilt. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. All the while stealing money from those who have worked all their lives to be able to safely retire.


The present system is anything but safe. But those with houses going up in value, to rob youngsters of a chance for an affordable life, thought they had made a lot of cash - as property value growth. Forgetting, that they had to live somewhere, so had not made any real gains. Because what they made on their house/estate, they lost in real terms on cash savings devaluing.


Thus, we need energy stability and property stability, linked to a Standard exchange system linked to Agricultural Produce, or Sustainable Energy. At the present time, the voters could move to investing in gold and silver, and demand wages and salaries in coins of precious metal. Such a system would be the beginning of system to prevent bankers living off the sweat of the brow of honest workers.


We need an International Currency - a currency that is honest, does not lie - and cannot be manipulated. Gold is gold. Silver is silver. Paper is worthless when it comes to savings. It halves in value about every ten years. That leaves stocks and shares. But why gamble your savings in that way. Might as well invest in crypto currency. More false promises. Currencies based on nothing but hot air. Fool's Gold. You cannot eat promises.






This was an important venue to discuss what is working and to think about ways to implement a practical future infrastructure for electric vehicles that are battery, fuel cell or hybrid operated, such as statute that perhaps should be introduced elsewhere like the Automated and Electric Vehicle Act 2018.





Automated charging for robotic electric vehicles


MODEL 1:20 - May 2021, a model of a proposed service station designed to refuel robotic trucks and taxis along with your regular hacks. The unit is shown here with two Mercedes articulated container trucks inside. We cannot show the mechanics of the system due to patent law prohibiting prior publication. The Automated & Electric Vehicle Act 2018, makes it law in England that provision must be made for charging and refuelling of electric vehicles at service stops. This system would more accurately be described as a refuelling point - since the energy exchanges for trucks and cars are virtually instant. The building can be a quarter this size for city locations where space is limited. But for load levelling purposes, the larger the capacity of stored electricity, the more efficient the grid. Copyright photograph © 6 April 2020, Cleaner Ocean Foundation.







      STEM electric sports car project for Nuffield award students   


  The National Grid supplies homes and busineses in the UK with electricity















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