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AAA UKS BATTERY POWER, (China) +86-27-82636756 or




A.A. Silva, (Portugal) +351-214-409-375, 800-205-921 or




Able New Energy Co., (China) +86-755-2-6528092 or

A Chinese joint venture group making VRLA, Ni-Cd & Ni-MH rechargeable cells, LiMnO2 button & cylindrical cells.

Bld. 4, Baoan Foreign Economic Industry Zone, Fumin, Guanlan, Baoan District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong China 518110   





ABI Malaysia Sdn Bnd (formerly known as Automotive Battery Industries Sdn. Bhd.), (Malaysia) +603-6092-6000 or





Absolyte [Stationary Deep Cycle]

Advantage, (Australia)





ACCU Holding AG, (Switzerland) +41-1-318-8484 or




Accumalux S.A., (Luxembourg) +352-367-062 or





Luxbat S.A. [Traction Deep Cycle], (Luxembourg) +352-367-062 or





ACDelco, 1-800-223-3526, see General Motors





Advanced Battery Factory [Sino-America Joint Venture], (China) +86-755-28069247, +86-133-5290-6882 or +86-755-28069247





    A&E SAM & Behin T.    Tel. +98 21 879 23 83-5

Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of EURO batteries and sealed lead acid batteries. 

35 Mollasadra Ave, Tehran, IRAN 19919    FAX: ( +98 21) 879 23 86





Air Therm Solartechnik, (Germany) +49-5305-930-206 or

A manufacturer and wholesale supplier of  battery charge controllers, lead acid batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

Evessener Str. 2, Erkerode, Germany D-38173    FAX: +49 5305 930 208





AKUMA a.s., (Czech Republic) +420-326-721-314 or





Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL GmbH + Co. KG, please see Moll Batterien

Aktex, (Russia) +7-3952-5634-34 or

Alaska Battery Manufacturing, (US) +1-907-562-4949, 1-800-235-0689 or





Alcad [Ni-Cad], (Sweden) +46-491-68100 or




All Power Battery, (Canada) +1-604-888-3824 or

Alpha Technolgies [VLRA], (US) +1-360-647-2360 or

Deep cycle batteries, backup power systems and emergency backup batteries + electric vehicle sealed lead acid batteries for oem applications.  AlphaCell [AGM and Gel Cell]

20919-93Rd Ave , Langley , British Columbia Canada V1M 2G6  Telephone: 604-888-3824





  Aloha Batteries      Tel. 800-797-9750


Aloha manufacture consumer electronics batteries, portable computer batteries, rechargeable batteries, telecommunication batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries.

PO Box 2704, Carlsbad, California USA 92018      




ALPack Battery Co, Ltd.


Produce batteries for camcorders, cell phones and digital cameras -  OEM and

ODM.  No.1 Bldg., PengYi Park, BaGuaEr Rd., ShenZhen, GuangDong China 518000

Telephone: 86-75525848916          Email:





Alphagel [Gel Cell], (US) +1-909-396-9130, 1-888-Alpha-44 or





Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. (Joint Venture with Johnson Controls), (India) +91-44-821-3270 or





American, (US) +1-954-583-2470 or





American-Superior [SLI], (US) +1-305-891-8355, 1-800-771-2288 or





Ampac Asia Sdn. Bhd., (Malaysia) +1-603-4257-0399 or





Antique Auto [Antique], (US) +1-330-425-2395, 1-800-426-7580,





     Aonon Battery Factory        Tel. 86-7608110005


Aonon manufacture consumer batteries for power tools, mobile phones, lap-top computers, toys and household appliances.

Nanlang Dache industry zone, zhongshan, gd China 528400  





Apollo, (Australia)





Argo Navis Electronics LLC      Sealed lead acid batteries.    Tel. 1-513-489-7302

11320 Grooms Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio USA 45242    FAX: 1-513-489-8926





Asisco Classic Car [Antique], (US) +1-908-352-7222 or





Atlas Battery Ltd., please see Japan Storage Battery

Auto-Telie-Unger [ATU], (Germany) contact local store or

Auta Battery, (China) +86-027-8551-0592

Autosil, please see A.A. Silva SA





Auto Batteries Inc. 

Contact: Steven Garcia

Car batteries delivered and fitted at your home (Chicago) with 7 years free replacement warranty. Supply of volt meters.
Direct Phone: 773-606-7810





Autolite, (US) contact local (Advance Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts, Schuck's Auto Supply and Kragen Auto Parts) store or





Automation Solutions      Telephone: 022-25741008/25748340

Electric vehicle batteries, electric motorcycles, emergency power and UPS

Ramnath Yadav Lane, Hariyali Village, Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli (E), Mumbai,

Maharashtra India 400083





   AVESTOR             Tel. 450-655-2151  

AVESTOR manufacture advanced lithium-metal-polymer batteries.  They own numerous battery patents.  Their LMP battery has roughly 1/5 the weight and 1/3 the volume of a lead-acid battery and lower life cycle costs. 

1560 de Coulomb, Boucherville, Quebec Canada J4B 7Z7     FAX: 450-655-0499






      Aura Electrochem         Tel. 4219022

VRLA Batteries makes sealed lead acid maintenance free axiom rechargeable batteries 

for emergency lighting and UPS.

24/14, Premnagar Society, Pune-Satara Road, , Pune, MH India 411029  












B.B. Battery [B&B], (US) +1-323-278-1900, 1-800-278-8599,, or, (Japan) +81-426-25-6375




BAE-Berliner Batterie GmbH, (Germany) +49-30-530-01-402 or

Traction series [Tubular Gel]  Stationary [Tubular]




Baker Percision [Racing], (US) +1-562-427-2375, 1-800-959-7757 or




Banner GmbH, (Austria) +43-732-3888-0 or

Bike Bull [Motorcycle SLI]

Buffalo Bull [SLI}  Dry Bull [Gel Traction]

Energy Bull [Motive Deep Cycle]

Optima by Johnson Controls [spiral wound AGM]





Bären Batterie GmbH, (Austria) +43-4228-2036-0 or

Ecoforce - Fast - Hankook, (UK) - Hi-Volt, (UK) - Monolite, (US) [VRLA Deep Cycle] - FAT - SLA - Nova





Battery Builders Inc., (US) +1-630-851-5800 or





Battery Energy South Pacific, (Australia) +61-2-9681-3633 or

Energel, (Gel)  Enerlyte

Suncycle   SunGel, (Gel)





Best Battery LLC, (US) +1-847-854-7611 or





Best & Best Battery Inc. [B&B], (US) +1-323-278-1900, 1-800-278-8599 or

BP series [SLA]  BPL series [SLA Standby]




Bosch, (Germany) +49-721-942-23-18 or

AS Gel




Bulldog Battery [Motive Deep Cycle], (US) +1-219-563-0551, 1-800-443-3492 or

some Interstate





B & B Battery (USA) Inc.   Telephone: 1 213-278-1900 or 1 800-278-8599

Sealed lead acid batteries.  FAX: 1 213-278-8599

6415 Randolph Street, City of Commerce, California USA 90040





  B&K Technology Co. Ltd.          Tel. 86-755-28032081, 86-13602697507

Manufacturer of Li-ion battery products. 

Tong Fuyu Industry Park, Hua Rong Road, Dalang, Longhua Town, Bao An, Shen

Zhen, Guangdong, China China PRC 518109






    Battery Power Technology Ltd      Telephone: (44) 1388 420697

Telecommunication and military batteries.

7 North Rd, Spennymoor, Co.Durham United Kingdom DL166EW





Batek Equipment Ltd                Tel. + 90 216 527 98 98

Manufacturer and supplier of lead acid battery plate making equipment and battery assembly lines.

Imes C 301/11, Y. Dudullu, Turkey 81260





Batteries Wholesale                     Tel. + 61 3 8500 3562

Nickel cadmium, lithium ion and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

Address: Level 1, 477 Bridge Road, Richmond, Vic Australia 3121

FAX: +61 3 8610 0337





Battery & Capacitor Technology Co.

100 Grand Street , Worcester, Massachusetts USA 01610  Telephone: 508-752-5212





Bender GmbH

Leading producer of mircro-expanded metal (meshes) foils. 

contact Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Bender.

Sohlbacherstrasse 39, 57078 SIEGEN, NRW GERMANY    Telephone: 0049-271-250400





   Bluebird Batteries Limited


Business type: Research and development vehicle battery cartridge refueling systems,

Electric and Solar powered Rickshaws, Hybrid electric vehicles.

Product types: Vehicle battery cartridges and loading exchange mechanism - suitable for all battery and many fuel cell formats.  Prototype and design of electric cars and rickshaws.  Also developing Solar assisted buggies.  Vehicle design house, think tank.

Address: Solar House, Herstmonceux, East Sussex, BN27 1RF, England


Email:     contact Bluebird Batteries





Boa Tong USA,    (US) +1-826-829-5962, 1-877-897-6648 or        Battery World  Tysonic [SLA]













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