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Eagle-Picher Technologies, (US) +1-417-776-2256, +1-417-623-8000 or

former BlueStar  -  Carefree Magnum  -  Carefree UPS  -  High Efficiency





EaglePicher Horizon (Joint Venture with Horizon Batteries, (formally Electrosource)), (US) +1-602-794-9555, 1-877-437-7693 or

Keeper - Prota-Pac





EAC            Tel. (201) 288-4477

Lithium, lithium polymer, and medical equipment batteries, 

380 North Street, Teterboro, New Jersey USA 07608

FAX: (201)288-1515               





East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.          Telephone: 610-682-6361

Sealed (absorbed glass mat and gel) and flooded lead acid batteries for , electric vehicles, solar cells and UPS.

Deka Rd., Lyon Station, Pennsylvania USA 19536-0147    FAX: 610-682-4781

1000 Amps Plus [SLI Maintenance Free] -  AGV





Electric Energy Application Tech, Inc. (EEA)   Tel: +886-37-626 222 ext.215

  Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.

No. 172, Lu-Chu Rd., Tou-Fen Town, Miao-Li County, Taiwan, (R.O.C) 35146

FAX: +886-37-620 150~1





Elecsol, (UK) +44-163298, 0-163298 or





Electro Battery Systems Electro, (US) +1-973-835-3334 or





Enerbrax Acumuladores Ltda          Tel. +55 (14) 3281-6000


Av. Rodrigues Alves 60-18, Parque Paulista, Bauru, S‹o Paulo Brazil 17030-000 or

Route [Motorcycle]   Sealed lead acid batteries.




ENERMEX, S.A. de C. V. [Enertec Mexico], (Mexico) +8-329-9500, 1-800-835-4800 or

Advantage - América [SLI] - America 500 [SLI] - Celtik Y Nationwide - Cronos [SLI]




Energia, (Russia) +3592-9586080





Energia Integral Andina S.A., (Argentina) +571-623-0188 or





EnerSys, (US) +1-610-208-1991, 1-800-634-6522 or




EnerSys, (Motive Power) [formerly Yuasa Inc. and Yuasa-Exide], (US) +1-610-208-1991, 1-800-538-3627, or

Exide Ironclad [Tubular Plate Deep Cycle]

Deserthog - Loadhog  -  Smarthog - Smartpac - Alpha - Power Pac - Renegade





Enersys - Hawker Motive Power [formally Invensys, (Hawker) who was formally part of Varta], (Belgium) +32-2-247-9447,, (UK) +44-161-335-0999,, (US) +1-660-429-6437, 1-877-7HAWKER, or





EnerSys, (Reserve Power) [formally Yuasa Inc. and Yuasa-Exide, Inc.], (US) +1-610-208-1991, 1-800-634-6522,,, (US) +1-660-429-2165 or

Cyclon [formally Gates spiral wound VRLA]

DataSafe series [Wet and VRLA]





EuroGlobe, (Sweden)





EVERLASTING BATTERY LIMITED    Telephone: +86 755 26594386


Nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium ion and carbon zinc batteries.

Buji Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong China 518000    E-mail:





EverExceed     Telephone: 1-714-721-7733    


Sealed lead acid, lead acid, nickel cadmium, industrial batteries, renewable energy systems and UPS.

17001 Kenyon Dr. #A, Tustin, CA 92780, California USA 92780





Evercel, (US) +1-781-741-8800, 1-877-EVERCEL or





Evertroll [NiZn Deep Cycle], (US) +1-781-741-8800 or





Exide Industries Ltd. [Chloride Electrical Storage Co. (CESCO)], (India) +91-033-22832136 or





Exide [formally Electric Storage Battery Company, (EBS)], (US) +1-609-627-7200, +1-609-512-3000, 1-800-START-IT (1-800-782-7848) or           60 [MF SLI]






Extra Electronic Co.,Ltd.           Telephone: 020-34735363


Cellular phone and camcorder batteries and chargers.

Longqi street, Shawan Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong China 511400











FAAM spa, (Italy) +39-0734-2581

Moto [SLI]  -  Top series [SLI]  -  TT [Tubular Plate Traction]

TTM [Tubular Plate Traction]




Fabrica Nacional de Acumuladores, (Peru)





Federal Batteries SDN BHD, (Malaysia) +603-689-8828 or





Fengge Storage Battery, (China) +86-7602128109, +86-760-6955588, or

Baudit [SLA] - Fanagy - Fenegbi Industrial - Marco series





FIAMM SpA, (Italy) +39-0444-709-721,, (US) +1-678-746-5645, or   Advance







FIRSTPOWER TECH CO.,LTD        Telephone: 86-755-82127732


Lead acid, deep cycle, and high temperature long life batteries.

Rm.2206,Caiwuwei Development Mansions, Baoan South Road 3083, shenzhen, Guangdong China 518008     FAX: 86-755-82399741







Fenghua Lithium Battery Co., Ltd       Tel:  00 (86-758) 2870277      

Manufacturer of Lithium and Lithium Polymer batteries.

Caven Chao  -  Imp & Exp Manager

Fenghua Lithium Battery Co., Ltd

2 Taihe road, mugang Industrial Park, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, P. R China  

Fax:  (86-758) 2870431     Website:   E-mail:      Cell:  0086--13824634758





Fiamm-GS S.p.A. [VRLA], (Italy) +39-0444-709350 or

Fiamm-GS - GS - 36 Volt [SLA] - Motorcycle Series [SLI] - Zi:ta Series [SLI]





Firefly Energy Inc., (US) +1-309-690-7500 or





First National Battery, (South Africa) +27-11-741-3600 or

Barteleite  -  Chloride  -  Exide  -  Oldham  -  Raylite





First Power Technologies, (China) +86-755-83021906 or

FirstPower series (VRLA)





Fortis Batteries, (Switzerland) +870-80-60 or





FoRway Battery Co., (China) +86-757-398-2666 or


Foshan Bright Battery Co., (China)           Union





Foshan Haitong Power Supply Equipment Co. [formally the Foshan Konny Power Supply Center], (China) +86-757-296-0448 or              Konny





Fujian Jianyang Yaheng Storage Battery Co., (China) +86-599-555-3215 or





FullRiver Battery Manufacturing, (China)





Furukawa Battery Co. [FB], (Japan) +81-45-336-5088 or

AM (X) Series [wet SLI]  -  Sealed MF [Maintenance Free SLI]





SIAM FURUKAWA CO., LTD., (Thialand) +66-36-373-570 or

FB [SLI] - FUKUDA [SLI] - MUSTANG [SLI] - SB [SLI] - STC [SLI] - Super Nova










Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd., (Hong Kong) +852-2447-7507 or

GasTon  -  GT series  -  SPG Ltd., (UK) +44-1932-336-025





General Motors [ACDelco], (US) 1-800-223-3526 or





Germanos SA, (Greece) +30 210 62 42 000 or

Sunlight (AGM VRLA)





Global Yuasa Battery Co., (Korea)

MF [VRLA] - Rocket - some Union





GP, (US) 800-268-3416 or





Gruber Power Services, (US) +1-602-863-2655 or 1-800-658-5883 or





GS Yuasa Corp (merger of Yuasa Corp and Japan Storage Battery Co.), (Japan) 81-3-5402-5800 or





GS Battery (China) Co., Ltd., (China) +86-510-534-2011

GS Battery (USA) Inc., (US) [Motorcycle], +1-678-762-4818, 1-800-472-2879 or

GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd., (Vietnam) +84-650-756360

G-PowerZone  -  Portalac [SLA]





GS Battery Inc. PT, (Indonesia) +62-21-6518979 or






Guangdong Zeliang Storage Battery, (China) +86-0763-3682299 or

Forgo  -  Nedar  -  SHANH  -  Zeliang





Guangzhou Battery Factory, (China)

555 - Aviation - Bao Li - Double Cat - Five Rams - Flying Elephant - Tiger Head






Guangdong Ze Liang Storage Battery Co., Ltd.    Tel: +86-20-86294088


Sealed lead acid, emergency backup, electric vehicle, deep cycle, automotive starting batteries.  Solar and wind power batteries.

YinYuan Development District, QingYuan, Guangdong China 510410





Guang Zhou Gangyun Super Energy Battery Co., (China) +86-20-8491-2018 or

B&N  -  Gangyun






GD TELECOM INDUSTRIAL CORP.      Tel: 86-13925099980

Mobile phone batteries, digital camera batteries.

NO. 138, Guangzhou Avenue North, Guangzhou, Guangdong China 510075




GL TECHNOLOGY            Tel: +886-2-8667 1796

Telecommunication batteries.






GNB Industrial Power           Tel: 630-691-7813

Electric vehicle, fork lift truck, sealed and maintenance-free lead acid batteries.

Woodlake Corporate Park, 829 Parkview Blvd., Lombard, Illinois USA 60148





GoldMan (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd          Tel: 86-22-86573470

Lithium batteries, Nickel Hydrogen batteries (Ni-MH), Ni-Cd battery, Battery Packs and Chargers.


Museum Rd. Hongqiao Dist., Tianjin, Tianjin China 300130






GNB [formally Gould National Battery], (US) +1-630-691-7813, 1-800-242-6750 or

AA  -  Absolyte  -  Action Pak  -  Agri-Boss




Great Power Battery China Ltd.         Telephone: 86-20-33118359

Manufacturer of rechargeable Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium, Li-ion batteries. 

Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangdong China 511483       FAX: 86-20-84739528





Guangdong Shida Battery Co., Ltd.     Tel. (86)757-6688555 extension 225

Ni-MH & Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries ISO9001:2000 certified.

30 Xingye Road, Shishan Industrial Zone, Nanhai City, Guangdong province, China

FAX: (86)757-6688199











Hagen Batterie, (Germany)

Heat Guard - Hugel - some Tudor





Hamko Battery Co., (Taiwan) +880-41-761-607 or





Hangzhou Huitong Industry Co., Ltd., (China) +86-571-88314025 or






Haze Battery Company, (China)

HZ series





HBL NIFE Power Systems Limited       Telephone: +91-8418-244640

Lead-acid, lithium, nickel-Cadmium, and silver-zinc and Silver Zinc batteries for the aviation, communication, defence, and railway Industries. 


8-2-601, Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India 500 047

FAX: +91-40-23355085, 27795419

[HBLNIFE], (India) +91-40-2335-5575 or

Battle Ready (VRLA)  -Little Genie (VRLA)  -Pure Lead Power Pack (VRLA)

Silver Start (VRLA)  -  Taurus (Tubular Deep Cycle)  -  Triumph-HP (AGM VRLA)




Hella KGaA Hueck & Co [Hella], (Germany) +49-29-41/38-0 or





HCB Technoligies, (New Zealand) +64-9-629-2403, 0-800-801-100 or href="     ">

ASL  -  Hella Endurant [AGM]  -  Solution  -  Startmaster  -  Ultra  -  Ultra




Henda Power Industrial, (China) +86-20-8484-2517 or            Toyo




Herbo Baterias, (AR)




HIGH ENERGY BATTERIES (INDIA) LTD        Telephone: 91-044-4961056

Silver-Zinc, Nickel Cadmium, Silver Chloride Magnesium ( sea water activated) and Alkaline Zinc Manganese Dioxide battery systems. 






Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer batteries.

1-1-88, Ushitora, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka, Japan 567




Hi-Watt Battery Industry Company, (Hong Kong) +852-2348-0111 or       HW series




H.O. Alternators, [PowrBank], (US) +1-866-446-8878





Holley, (US) 1-800-2HOLLEY or  Annihilator [AGM]





Honeywell, (UK) +44-1635-281-450 or





Hong Kong Suppo Battery Co., Ltd.          Tel: (852) 2802 4682

Nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) for cellular and cordless phones.

Room 1201, Ricky Centre, No. 36 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China           FAX: (852) 2824 1519




Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG, (Germany) [Motive & Standby], +49-2963-610 or

AquaGen  -  BIM  -  Energy  -  FNC





   Huanyu Power Source Co., Ltd   

Manufacturer of sealed lead acid, lithium ion, nickel cadmium, and nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries and battery packs.      Tel: +86-755-27370720  and +86-755-8384-9630 


Room 912, South Block Cangsong Bldg., Terra Industry & Trade Park, Chegongmiao, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong China    FAX: +86-755-27371983





Huaxu Group, (China) +86-595-22211585 or

D.K. Electric Developing  -  D.K. Power Source Co.





Hubei Camel Storage Battery, (China)

Hypercell Power Sources Technology Co. Ltd., (China) +86-755-83781221 or






Hunan Coran Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd.     Tel. 86-731-4748995

Battery Material and chemical suppliers: Activated Chemical Manganese Dioxide(ACMD), Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide(EMD),Natural Manganese Dioxide(NMD),Super-purity Nanometer In(OH)3 and In2O3 Powders.


7 Floor,Hualong Building,Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan China 410016

FAX: 86-731-4729148





Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorsport          Tel:   44 7771 895 429

See this site for news affecting motor-sport alternative energy in action and environmental issues, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.  


Woodham court, Woking, United Kingdom GU215NJ












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