Robotics offers mankind a better future









Robots are working all over the world almost every day to make the lives of humans easier.  Since the advent of microprocessors and computers, the possibilities for Robots to improve our civilisation are that much more.


We already have robot factories churning out cars to a higher standard, than those produced in manned factories.  Simple domestic robots are finding their way onto the market to relieve us of tedious tasks.  This is sure to mean more complex robots will be designed and become cheaper, to in turn, free humans more and more from everyday chores.  Put this emerging technology together with renewable energy, such as solar cells, and the possibilities are endless.  Not only could the world rely on plentiful renewable energy, but we'd have more time to devote to other problem areas in our society.  We could build a higher society where food, energy, healthcare and transport are available to all.  


For the above reasons I believe that we should encourage our children to become the engineers of tomorrow, to build on the current state of the art, to produce practical robotic solutions for our future. NK















Bluebird Marine Systems' autonomous robotic ship design. A truly autonomous robot intended to replace battleships and submarines, to keep the peace at sea via persistent monitoring and where necessary, drone control of weapon systems.





ACORE - American Council on Renewable Energy

ASV Global - C-Worker unmanned surface vessel for safer offshore surveys

AUTONAUT - MOST (Autonomous Vessels) Limited - wave propelled system

AUVSI - ROBOBOATS - Association for Unmanned  Vehicle Systems International

ARDUINO - Hobbyists computer platform for interactive robots and machine prototyping - Open source

ARM Holdings Plc

BAE Systems - Maritime, Naval ships and submarines

BEAGLEBONE - ARM low cost robot friendly, low drain micro computer

BLUEBIRD - Electronics - 

BLUEFIN Robotics

BLUEFISH ZCC - Bluebird Marine Systems' autonomous unmanned fleet development program

BLUE OCEAN - Rolls Royce autonomous cargo vessels project

Captain Kidd's robot sailboat project - Microtransat

CDE - Centre for Defence Enterprise

CMTI - Centre for Maritime Technology and Innovation - Autonomous Study

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - Autonomous ROV/UUV ASV ZZCs

DOLPHIN - Quicksilver Controls, special effects robot for filming 'Dolphin Tale' movie about Winter the dolphin amputee

DSTL - Defence Science & Technology Laboratory

ESPANDON - Swordfish, SLAMF, future mine countermeasures program

FishPi - An autonomous boat project to prove Raspberry computer capability for navigation of a vessel for long distances.


General Dynamics - Anti submarine warfare USVs

Helicopter Drones - Miniature flying machines using open source code

HORIZON 2020 - Patent (PCTIB2010055929) Italian ecological propulsion system POD ref: TOIT20130916002 

INDAGATUS - Small endurance UMV platform

INDIEGOGO - Open Hand Project, 3D printed robotic low cost prosthetics

KABUTOM RX3 - Giant robot beetle from Japan, built by Hitoshi Takahashi

Kickstarter - Robotboat MK VI autonomous oceanographic wing sailor project

Kickstarter - Scout Transatlantic - Microtransat autonomous solar powered trans Atlantic crossing robot project 2013

Kickstarter - Stompy, a US project to build a giant ride on hexapod vehicle

LEGO - Mindstorms education robotic invention system, brick computer

LEMUSV - Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vessel

LIQUID ROBOTICS - Wave Glider autonomous surface vessels

Maritime Robotics - Mariner USV

MAST - Maritime Sense & Avoidance Systems for unmanned vessels

MASTT - Royal Navy purchases Seebyte smart software for their autonomous underwater trials Sept 2013

MBED - ARM based microcontroller developer platform

Microtransat - Competition for autonomous sailing models

MIT Cambridge University - Controlling Drone with Mobile Phone

MONALISA - Motorways of the Sea, eco-efficient e-navigation solutions contribution to safe maritime transport

MOST - Autonomous Vessel Limited - Autonaut USV

MUNIN - Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks & E-Nav International 7th Framework

NAMOS - Networked Aqautic Microbial Observation System using marine robots

NAVSEA - Naval Surface Warfare Center - Shipboard energy conservation

NERC - UK National Environment Research Council

NOC - UK National Oceanographic Centre

PICAXE - Microcontroller for robotics projects with open source software support

PREDATOR - Robotic submarine hunter-killer

OpenROV - Open source underwater robots for exploration and education.

OPTICAL RECOGNITION - Latest developments for machine object avoidance

Queen's University Belfast - Engineering & Physical Research Council COLREGs & unmanned maritime systems

RASPBERRY PI - Low cost educational computer to learn how to program robots, etc. Open source

RAYTHEON - Sonar anti-submarine detection equipment

Roboboats - Autonomous Surface Boats competition, ASVs

Robosubs - Autonomous Underwater Vessel competition AUVs

SARUMS - Safety and Regulations for European Unmanned Maritime Systems

SBRI - Small Business Research Initiative

Sea Robotics - Unmanned systems

Slocum sea glider - Doug Webb & Henry Stommel

Snoopy Sloop - Robin Lovelock's robot sailing boat: Microtransat Trans-Atlantic competition

SPOT - Satellite global tracking system

TSB - Technology Strategy Board

UK MAS - UK Maritime Autonomous Systems

UNDERWATER - Search & salvage - Federal Business Opportunities

USNA - Roboboat competition team 2011 & 2012

University of Newcastle

SOTON - University of Southampton - 

University Western Australia - USAL robot sub

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - ABE lost at sea

ZYCRAFT - Vigilant unmanned endurance vessel - Anti submarine warfare





AUTONOMOUS SOLUTIONS INC - Mobius™ vehicle command and control system and Guideline™ robotic convoys

14 in 1 SOLAR ROBOT KIT - A solar powered robot kit for ages 10+


BIROB CHEETAH EPFL - Claimed to be the fastest quadruped robot cat @ June 2013


DARPA - Autonomous land vehicle - Red Bull

GIGANTOR & GUNDAM - Giant robot statues, Kobe and Tokyo, Japan

GOOGLE - Autonomous robotic cars unveiled May 2014


HUMANOID - University of Aalborg bipedal robot project

MANTIS - Giant hydraulic hexapod powered by 2 liter diesel engine - completed UK project



ROBOBEE - Harvard microbiotics laboratory project



STOMPY - Giant hydraulic hexapod powered by fork lift truck IC gas engine


VISLAB - Autonomous car controls, vision (camera & laser) based object recognition system




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