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  Welcome to the world series of Zero Emission events from 2015



Project leader Chris - Cannonball Jogle UK Run 2015 


TEAM SPEEDACE: LEFT - Chris is the 'Team Speedace' project leader aiming for an attempt on the UK record from John O'Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall (JOGLE). Chris is confident in the technology to be demonstrated during the UK Cannonball International, but is realistic in his approach, that the team needs to build risk share partnerships, especially where his team are tackling a formidable record set in 2013 by a $Billion dollar car company formed by Elon Musk: Tesla


RIGHT - Annie is a personal trainer and driver. She says that being fitter gives you more flexibility in how you meet your goals, and one of hers includes breathing cleaner air. Annie delivers a bespoke programme to fit her customer's agendas, budget and preferences. She says that having regular contact with a personal trainer on a one-to-one basis helps to keep you focused on achieving your objectives.





LEFT - Terry (Ace) is a practical builder by day,  an eco-motoring enthusiast and a father all of the time. Ace is happy to point a welding gun where the Ecostar needs it, grind and polish until perfection. He will be one of the drivers (and co-drivers as necessary) on the UK Cannonball JOGLE run in 2015. Terry is a keep fit enthusiast; he is also into performance sports - when he gets the chance.


RIGHT - Christina is a keen driver, a mum and a nurse for the project, should there be any cuts and bruises in the workshop - or during event training. She is keen to see pollution free transport for her day job which is providing care in the community, apart from her aspirations for her son and daughter to one day be able to breath clean air.







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Cannonball Run official event entry rules




Make a difference by entering one of the events that have been created for everyone to enjoy. New for 2015, the Cannonball ZEV International Run series is designed to further the development of practical and affordable zero emission transport. There are already a good number of official routes for you to contemplate with more in the pipeline for 2016.


You are cordially invited to register your interest. There is no entry fee and the events are legal, unlike the race across the US in the 1970s.



Blue Bird Wolrd Cup, Cannonball International Runs


The ultimate prize is the Blue Bird World Cup Trophy™. You can see the International Rules by clicking on the poster above.







  Australian ZEV Cannonball Run route map  Trans-Brasilia Cannonballers official route map - International run series  Trans-Canada Cannonball ZEV Run route map  Trans-China Cannonball International ZEV Run series route map


  Trans-India international Cannonball ZEV Run series route maps  Trans-Russia Cannonball International Runs series route maps  United Kingdom - Lands End to John O'Groats EV Challenge  United States - Los Angeles to New York EV Endurance Challenge


After Tesla set two new records in 2013 and 2014, a British team has announced their plans to challenge the 24 hour and 76 records for 1. Lands End to John O'Groats and 2. Los Angeles to New York. These attempts are planned for 2015 and 2016, beginning with the Lands End cross UK ZEV Cannonball Run.






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