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Cary Corp.,(US) 1-800-442-5279 or

Outpost [AGM Deep Cycle]





CarQuest Auto Parts, (US) 1-800-492-PART or

Advanced Generation [Maintenance Free SLI]  -  Par for the Course [Wet Motive Deep Cycle]  -  SunQuest [Maintenance Free SLI]





Caterpiller,(US) +1-309675-1000 or

Outpost [AGM Deep Cycle]





C&D Technologies inc., (US) +1-215-619-2700, 1-800-543-8630 or

C-Line [Motive Deep Cycle]





CCB Industrial Battery, (China) +86-755-2297502, (US) +1-480-563-9275 or






    CCB Industrial Battery Co.Ltd.     Tel. +86-755-26837780,

Manufacturers of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries for telecommunications and utility UPS and Solar Energy markets.

7E Seascape square, No. 18 Taizi Road Shekou Industrial district, Shenzhen, Guangdong China 518067    FAX: 86-755-26834780      Apex   CCB2000





CEAc, (Belgium) +32-2-581-0205 or





Centra, (Poland)





Centura, contact local Kmart store or





CEL Battery Co., Ltd      Tel. 0086 517 6993578


Producer of nickel metal hydride batteries and containers: AAAA, AAA, AA, SC,C,D, and F series batteries to  ISO9001:2000.

47# Jianshe road, Jinhu, Jiangsu China 211600





Cengiz Topel Cad. [Ugur] (Cetiner Foreign Trade), (Turkey) +90-26-2335-3744 or





Centurion Akku b.v., (Netherlands) +31-77-3511741 or

NRG   robustak [Semi Traction Deep Cycle]






    CGB BATTERY        Telephone: +86 27 84893121

VRLA, sealed lead acid (SLA), UPS, telecom and solar standby batteries. 

No.155 Hanqiang street, Wuhan Economic & Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei China 430056     FAX: +86 27 84891320




    Centurion Akku b.v.

Molensingel 17, Venlo, Netherlands 5912 AC       Telephone: +31 77 3511741





Champion, (US) 1-800-782-7848, contact local Sam's Club,, or contact local Advance Auto Parts store

Automotive [MF SLI]

Cutting Edge Lawn & Garden [SLI]





Chang Nan Battery [CNB], (Taiwan) +886-4-732-1225 or

Pasmilka [Starting]




ChangGuang Battery [CGB], (China) +86-27-8489-3121 or




Changsha Fengri Electric Group Co., Ltd. Fengri, (China) +86-731-3281165 or

Chengxin Electrical Source Co, (China) +86-574-62057498

China Ebikes Ltd., (China) +86-10-8491-3927





Charging Systems International [Dual Pro], (US) 1-800-742-2740 or

Lightning Series [AGM Staring and Deep Cycle]  NorthStar, (NSB)





     China Hyper Battery Co., Ltd     +86-755-8326-8545

Manufacturer of Nicad, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, NiMh, Li-ion batteries in prismatic and cylindrical shape, and Lithium Polymer Battery for Mobile Phones and Computer notebooks.

3C Jinsong building ShenZhen China, ShenZhen, GuangDong China 518048

FAX: 8675583221088





China National Aero-Technology Imp & Exp Hangzhou Corp., (China) +86-571-8516-3718 or

Aero Superior





China North Industries Co., (China) +86-755-83664099 or





China Quanzhou Huaqiao Storage Battery Factory    Tel.  0086-595-2211585

The largest producer of lead-calcium alloy plates in China.


FAX: 0086-595-2211586





Chloride Industrial Batteries Ltd. [Tubular Traction Deep Cycle], (UK) +44-161-794-4611

Chloride Motive Power [CMP Batteries Ltd.], (UK) +44-1204-64111, or also please see Chloride Batteries SE Asia CBSEA

Deta  -  Fulmen  -  Tudor, (Spain)  -  Classic 72 [MF SLI]





Chloride Batteries South East Asia Pte Limited [CBSEA], (Singapore)

Apex21 (SLI) - Ceil (Motive) - Chloride (Stationary) - Eltimate (VRLA)

Fairway (Golf Cart) - Conrex - Dagnite - Dynex - El series - Eternity - Exide Max





Chloride Batteries SE Asia CBSEA, (Singapore) +65-265-2444 or see Exide

Alcad  -  Bardic  -  Ceil  -  Apex 21 [Starting]  -  EP [Standby], also see Powersafe

HP15 [Tubular Motive]  -  Uitramate  -  Compact Power  -  Dynex  -  Fairway

Friwo  -  Honda Batteries  -  Jupiter  -  Motive Power   MST [VRLA]





Classic (PKW), (Europe) [Stationary Deep Cycle]

Commercial [SLI]  -  Equipe, (France)  -  Leader, (Italy)  -  PKW

Tudor, (Spain)  -  Cutting Edge Lawn & Garden [SLI]





CLEScell International Co.,Ltd        Tel. 0086-13701548672, 0086-512-62882931


Alkaline/Zinc carbon manganese dry batteries: LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, L6F22, R20, R14, R6, R03, 6F22, 3R12, 4R25, A23, A27  - ISO9002 certified company and Environment Protection ISO14000. 

402A 4f, International Science Zone, 328 Airport Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu China 215021

FAX: 0086 512 62882933     E-mail: panson@clesc!





COBASYS LLC (formally Texaco Ovonic Battery Systems LLC), (US) +1-248-620-5700 or

NiCom [Stationary Deep Cycle NiMH]  -  NiGen [Stationary Deep Cycle NiMH]

NiGuard [Stationary Deep Cycle NiMH]  -  NiMHax [Motive Deep Cycle NiMH]





Concorde, (US) +1-626-813-1234 or

CB [Aircraft Dry Charged]  -  Chairman [Deep Cycle AGM]





Continental Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-214-631-5701, 1-800-442-0081 or

Premium 6000  -  Terminator  -  Super Stalker  -  Supreme





Coopower Battery Industrial Co. [VRLA], (China) +86-755-28079816 or





Coslight, (China)





Crown Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-419-334-7181,, or, (Canada) +1-905-850-8753

Embassy  -  CE series [AGM SLA]  -  CEG series [Gel Cell SLA]  -  Fleet Managers series





CSB Battery, (Taiwan) +886-2-8751-5000,, (US) +1-817-244-7777, 1-800-327-2872 or

EVX 400 [VRLA]  -  GP [VRLA]  -  HC [VRLA]  -  HR [VRLA]












DayStarter North America [formally Standard Storage Battery], (US) 1-800-328-6537 or     DayStarter MX  -  Navigator 





Delco Remy, (US) 1-800-372-0222 or

2000 [Solar]  -  Dominator





     Deta UK Limited              Telephone: +44 (0)1773 604231


DETA SLA, mareine and industrial batteries are supplied as original equipment to more than 50 of Europe's most respected manufacturers and exported to 68 countries throughout the world.

The range of batteries produced by DETA is comprehensive and is designed for British, European and Japanese Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Plant and Motorcycles.

The range also includes specialist batteries for Marine, Leisure, Traction, Taxis and Stand-by Power applications.





Gryphon Works, Hockley Way, Alfreton Trading Estate, Alfreton, Derbyshire United Kingdom DE55 7EG            FAX: +44 (0)1773 607964







DiMec, (China)





Dixon Batteries, (South Africa) +27-16-455-1800 or





Douglas Battery Mfg. Co., (US) +1-336-650-7000, 1-800-DOUGLAS or

Astro Lite  -  Climate Master  -  Deta-Douglas  -  Euroline

Guardian  -  Legacy Platinum  -  Omni  -   SafeGuard  -  SurePower  -  Switchgear





Duncan, (Venezuela) +58-212-257-8022 or

Liberty Plus  -  Automotive starting batteries, marine batteries, industrial batteries, solar batteries. 





Duracell, Inc.                                                   Telephone: 800-551-2355


Duracell offers the most powerful rechargeable technology currently available: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH). For high-tech devices, such as digital cameras and MP3 players, rechargeable batteries provide cost-effective, re-usable power. You can trust Duracell to last longest and recharge over 1000 times!


The UK's No.1 battery brand* offers reliable, long lasting power for everyday devices you use most like toys, clocks, radios, remote controls, smoke alarms and torches. With our new and improved formula Duracell Plus lasts longer, much longer.


Berkshire Corporate Park, Bethel, Connecticut USA 06801    FAX: 800-796-4565   and 


Duracell Consumer Services, 

Freepost OF1503, Aylesbury Road, Thame  Oxon  OX9 3LJ    Telephone: 0800 716 434








Dynasty, (formally Johnson Controls) [AGM VRLA Deep Cycle],

some Interstate [VRLA Deep Cycle]   DSE [VRLA Deep Cycle]

some Interstate   Liberty series [VRLA Deep Cycle]





Dyno Battery, (US) +1-206-283-7450 or














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