Plug in electric vehicle charging points are essential kickstarter



CALL TO ARMS - They are school kids temporarily sacrificing their education in order to save our futures from dangerous climate change. What stars. On November 30, over 15,000 boys and girls went on strike from school in every capital city and over 20 regional centres across Australia. On March 15, they are going even bigger and inviting adults to join them in solidarity for a Global Climate Strike. We're in!



Climate change summit at Katowice in Poland 2018


CLIMATE CHANGE - The United Nations' climate talks (known as COP = Conference Of the Parties) took place in December 2018. During these global discussions action for climate policy is negotiated. The 24th climate summit took place in Katowice, Poland. Before the event started, 50 high profile companies published an open letter to the UN calling for more action to curb climate change. So far with over twenty-four years of haggling the arctic ice is still melting - and faster than ever. No wonder so many high profile people and corporations are worried. In the UK we we are still granting planning consents for houses without solar panels or electric vehicle charging points. What are our politicians doing? It's criminal. But who elected them. Yes, you did. And that brings us to Brexit. With the natural world crumbling from our carelessness, do we really need so much in-house fighting. United we stand, divided we fall.







This is an important venue to discuss what is working and to think about ways to implement a practical future infrastructure for electric vehicles that are battery, fuel cell or hybrid operated.



The National Grid supplies homes and busineses in the UK with electricity   


Typical British country road is substandard for modern electric vehicles







SMART SERVICE STATIONS - This concept EV forecourt offers between 7.68 - 15.36MWh of solar assisted energy storage with a capacity of between 48-96 battery cartridges on a continuous charge cycle. Five of these stations (76.8MW) could recharge (refuel) up to 10 trucks or cars a minute at peak times.


During rush hour, up to 300 vehicles might be serviced in one hour if drivers don't dawdle, as in get out of their vehicles for any reason - there is no need using automated billing - but this would require registered users. The truck shown in these AutoCAD drawings is 3.55 wide x 3.5 high x 7.7M long (8 x 11.5 x 25 feet). This station could accommodate trucks 4.46M (14.77 feet) high as shown, or with a raised roof, almost any truck currently on the market - though longer thinner trucks are more fuel efficient.


During an eight hour day 2,400 trucks might be serviced using five forecourts on the assumption that we start every morning with 96 x 5 = 480 slow charged cartridges from off-peak supplies. The same forecourt might be used to service fuel-cell cars powered by stabilized hydrogen. One size fits all. The secret is to KISS the design (Keep It Simple Silly). There are only 28* moving parts in this station, not including the gearbox for the solar powered drive motor. This is possible because with this system the vehicles load the cartridges themselves.




PANIC STATIONS - Back in 2011 the UK got a shock as world oil prices soared. The population panicked and filled up their tanks in short sighted fashion, only planning one tank full ahead. What happens when that runs out dum, dum? You could just sit at home and twiddle your thumbs.


Our politicians seem to be doing the same. They cannot seem to think far enough ahead to come up with an infrastructure action plan that stands a hope in heck of succeeding. This is the kind of 'Pothole Politics' that dooms us to failure - when Mrs May appears to be shouting from the rooftops about wanting the UK to lead the world as a clean nation. Maybe we should start repairing our roads and then put into action a plan to electrify Britain. 










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